Case Studies


Analysing Diversity Data for the Academy of Medical Sciences

Select worked in partnership with Inclusive Recruitment, an Equality Diversity and Inclusivity (ED) Consultancy, to produce the Academy of Medical Sciences diversity report. The report provided an assessment of how inclusive and diverse the organisation is and included key recommendations to progress their EDI journey.

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Making the Most of Budgets for Public Health Interventions

Quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) are a measure of the life expectancy of a patient, weighted by a quality of life score. Generally QALYs are calculated using a naive method which is inefficient and can introduce bias. An improved method uses the statistical technique of joint modelling.

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Habitat Modelling for Protected Species

States are required to monitor and protect plants and animals listed as European Protected Species. However, species data are often ad hoc and vary considerably in their quality and coverage. In these cases, species distribution models can be applied to obtain useful estimates from the limited data available.

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