Public Sector

Public sector organisations are under pressure as never before to demonstrate value for money. Precise targeting of resources to achieve the maximum benefit will become a more acute need as finances continue to tighten against a backdrop of increased regulatory and compliance constraints.

Public Policy and Decision Making

Establishing a sound evidence base for policy development and planned spending is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for any decision. Any programme that wants to be maintained or expanded has to prove that it is meeting real needs and delivering outstanding value. All of this comes back to data analytics: the data you use, how they are analysed, and how they are reported to make a persuasive and watertight case.

The last thing you want is for decisions to be stalled, programmes to be cancelled, or policies rejected because you used incomplete data or there were flaws in the way they were analysed or presented.

Make sure the debate is about what the data tell you rather than how they were collected, analysed or interpreted.

Resource Allocation

Many public sector organisations need to model the effects of proposed changes to the way they allocate resources. Often they want to understand and publicise the potential impact of spending reductions. Data analysis and modelling can tell you what the future might look like based on different resource allocations; everything from emergency service response times to waste management and recycling.

Public Data

We’ve helped a wide variety of organisations with the complex tasks of extracting, combining, weighting and presenting Government and census  data to provide a firmer foundation for their planning and policy making.

Government Data

Administrative data routinely collected by Government departments and agencies offers a wealth of insights into their performance and upon the impact of public policy.  We specialise in extracting and summarizing relevant data to support evidence-based decision making, policy development and monitoring in many sectors. These include environmental, education, healthcare, and charities. Using the Government’s own data to support your case can be highly persuasive.

Census and Survey Data

Many organisations in different sectors use census and government survey data to improve planning and adapt to demographic changes over time. In addition to obvious applications in national and local government, businesses, charities, service providers and education institutions also need to mine census data intelligently to plan for the future.


Simple summary statistics can present a limited and uninspiring view of your data. We’ve helped many public sector organisations improve planning and decision making simply by presenting data in more useful and imaginative ways. This can involve using more relevant graphic presentation such as Forest charts or structuring reports to emphasize key findings and the data that support them. Where data have to be made publicly available we can also help you be certain that different datasets can’t be combined to identify individuals. Failures in this area can lead to heavy penalties from the Information Commissioner.

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