Business Analytics

Modern distribution and warehousing is a highly competitive sector. Whether you are delivering to consumers, retail stores or distribution centres, accurate prediction and statistical modelling have major impacts on competitiveness, profitability and service levels. Many variables affect a typical business in this sector and overlooking or misinterpreting important data creates major risks.

How Statistical Analysis helps

Collecting the right data, in the most efficient way, and analysing it using appropriate and proven techniques helps improve customer satisfaction and financial results. Here are just a few of the ways that a statistical consultant can help your business:

  • Predict demand more accurately so you can streamline your business, cut costs, improve efficiency and enhance customer service.
  • Identify where to locate stock based on, for example, order patterns to minimise picking time and effort.
  • Improve journey planning to maximise utilisation of delivery vehicles and drivers, and reduce fuel costs.
  • Produce dashboards and visualisations to illustrate how your business is performing.

Make sure the data you collect and the way you interpret it leads you to valid conclusions and decisions that will be good for your business.

We can help you to identify

  • What data you need to collect and how you can collect it efficiently from customers directly or by using sensors, monitoring tools and automation.
  • How to extract valuable business intelligence from the data you already hold.
  • Sample sizes needed for accurate conclusions.
  • How other variables such as weather and seasonal effects could affect your results.
  • How to process and analyse the data to achieve a reliable and statistically valid result.
  • The best ways to incorporate the potential effects of uncertainty into decisions and planned actions scientifically.