Academic Support

The validity of the statistical methods you use to collect, analyse and report data from academic studies and research projects can be critical. Working with trusted statistical experts can increase the level of trust in your findings, and enable you to submit your work to high impact academic journals with confidence.

Project Design

Advice at an early stage ensures that your research project starts on a sound footing. You will be confident that you are collecting the right data in a usable format and have a clear understanding of how you are going to analyse them from the outset of your project. A well-designed project will reduce the risk of introducing biases into the data or large levels of uncertainty into the results.

We can also suggest other factors that could influence your study, and analytical techniques that you might not have considered. Sometimes small but well informed changes to the way you gather your data can open a multitude of opportunities for obtaining more informative results.

Grant Writing

Part of the secret to successful grant applications is presenting a convincing argument about the data that you plan to collect and how these data will result in meaningful conclusions.

Funding bodies usually want to know, in detail, how you will collect, analyse and interpret data during your project. We can work with you from an early stage to help devise suitable design and analysis plans for the proposed project. We’ll also supply well-structured text to include in your funding application to explain and justify your approach to data collection and analysis.

Statistical Analysis

Researchers are increasingly including statistical support costs in grant applications. This opens opportunities for us to support you with a comprehensive analysis service. Working together, we can follow the devised analysis plan, produce the results required for your research, and provide relevant text for inclusion in journal publications.


Typically, an academic project will require a specific set of statistical methods to analyse the resulting data. We work with you to identify the most appropriate methods and deliver training to ensure that you can use them confidently and accurately. We also advise you on how to use appropriate software to produce the results and output you need.


There is more to results presentation than clarity (although that obviously helps). What are the main conclusions you want to highlight and what are the implications?

There are probably more options for presenting your data than you realise, and many more imaginative approaches than you see in typical summary statistics.

Talk to Select Statistical Services and we’ll be happy to help you bring your findings to life, present them for a specific audience and minimise the chances of misinterpretation or misrepresentation of your work.


We provide a friendly and expert pair of eyes before your work is published. We’ll identify any areas in your methods or interpretation that could be strengthened and advise you on likely areas of contention and how they can be addressed. A confidential pre-publication review will ensure the peer review process is straightforward and can also avoid any potential harm to your academic reputation.

For academics who have already received peer review comments, we can provide statistical support and undertake any additional analyses required. This should ensure all statistical review comments are adequately answered and improve the chances of publication.

Our team of research-level statistical analysts supports a range of organisations and individuals in their academic research including universities, research organisations, clinicians, economists, scientists and social scientists. Contact us to discover how we can help you.

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