Does your business make evidence-based decisions? Are you putting your data to work? Take a look at our selection of bite-sized videos to find out why statisticians are as vital to business as accountants and solicitors and how we can help you to maximise the value of your data.


Bringing Data Together

Are you making use of free, commercially-available data? See Sarah's video to find out how we can help you to gain valuable insights by combining your data with data from other sources.

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Evidence-Based Decision Making

If you need to make informed business or policy decisions, watch Steve's video on evidence-based decision making to find out how statistical testing can help you.

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Putting Your Data to Work

The key to understanding your data lies in the ability to process it, analyse it, visualise and communicate it. If you're looking to maxmise the value of your data, watch Lynsey's video to find out how we can help you

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Statistical Sampling

Statistical sampling is an incredibly powerful business tool. Watch Sarah’s video to find out how you could use sampling to better understand your business and your customers, canvas opinion, or to monitor quality or compliance.

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Statisticians – An Essential Service Provider

Though your organisation may be incredibly data-rich, you're probably not making full use of the information that you possess. See Steve's video to find out how having a statistician on board can be as valuable to your organisation’s bottom line as having a good accountant or solicitor.

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My Role as a Statistical Consultant

Are you interested in a career in statistical consultancy? See Lynsey’s video to find out what being a statistical consultant entails.

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