Statisticians – An Essential Service Provider




Would you trust an unqualified person with your accounts or legal work? Of course not, so why would you trust them with your data – one of your company’s most valuable assets?

Though your organisation may be incredibly data-rich, you’re probably not making full use of the information that you possess. That’s where a professional statistician can help you.

By working together with a qualified statistical consultant you gain access to the techniques and expertise of specialists trained to extract from your data the information you need to run and expand your business.

Statistical support can come in many forms: from a few hours ad-hoc advice or training, to large-scale long-term project work.

And statisticians are as vital to start-ups as they are to big business.

New companies may not have much data of their own but a statistician can help you exploit what you do have whatever your size and complement it with data that we can source from elsewhere.

Having a statistician on board can be as valuable to your organisation’s bottom line as having a good accountant or solicitor.

So, if your success relies on your data, make sure it’s treated with the same level of diligence and respect as your accounts and legal work and make sure you use a professional.

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