Healthcare and Medical Statistics

Medical statistics is a fundamental scientific component of health research. Our team of expert medical statisticians works directly with individuals as well as with national and multinational organisations to make healthcare research more reliable, understandable and usable.

One commodity the sector doesn’t lack is data

Point-of-care encounters, electronic health records, pharmacy medical orders, lab values, genetic markers, wearable devices, patient surveys, performance statistics – the list of data sources is vast and growing. Turning those data into usable knowledge and insights is what we do.

Medical statistics improve health outcomes & patient safety

They do this  by delivering evidence-based improvements in quality of care. Evidence leads the way to more effective and efficient treatments, medical devices and technologies, as well as improved service delivery and operations.

Study Design

Make sure that your studies are designed to deliver trustworthy answers to the most critical questions.

Sampling Plans

Starting with a detailed plan ensures that your objectives will be achieved. Our team of medical statisticians are able to create or critically review sampling plans, design questionnaires, and develop protocols and statistical analysis plans.

Sample Size and Power Calculations

You need enough observations to make precise estimates and detect clinically important differences with adequate power. If you’re expecting a large effect size, you may need fewer samples; so the length and cost of your study may be reduced.

Analysis and Reporting

Statistical analyses such as predictive and explanatory modelling drive medical understanding and decision making. We’ll help you choose the most appropriate techniques, apply them to your data and interpret and communicate the results. When existing analytical tools won’t do the job, we can create innovative techniques especially for your project.

Ensure key findings are highlighted and used to inspire action with clear and concise reports, effective data visualisations, and dashboards that allow further data exploration or scenario testing.


We offer advice to help you to conduct rigorous medical research and increase your own capability in handling medical statistics. Usually this is in the key areas of design, analysis, interpretation and reporting.

You may have carried out your own survival analysis or logistic regression and simply need some help with understanding the results, such as interpreting hazard ratios and odds ratios. Or perhaps you need advice on the most appropriate hypothesis test to apply to your data. If so, we’ll support you with the expert advice you need.

We also provide advice and guidance with the following:

  • Study design or analysis.
  • Reviewing reports.
  • Interpretation of published research.
  • Responding to reviewers’ comments on your journal article.
  • Analysing medical data from observational studies.
  • Assessing diagnostic tests.
  • Conducting patient surveys.
  • Interpreting operational data.
  • Designing clinical trials or post-marketing studies.
  • Implementing the estimand framework under ICH E9(R1).

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