Business Analytics

Large scale manufacturing processes inevitably involve many ‘moving parts’.  Many factors can influence product reliability, performance and QA failure rates. Without expert statistical advice it’s easy to get lost among the data and fail to spot where process improvements would be most productive.

Quality Assurance

Similarly the design of quality assurance and testing programmes needs to focus on the factors that really make a difference to yields, rejections and service failures. ISO quality control charts provide part of the answer, but they are simple tools and not always based around assumptions that are relevant to an individual production process. This could lead to flaws in your processes, important factors being overlooked, and significant costs.


Our statistical analysts ensure that you identify and track the data that are crucial in your process. Whether you are using six-sigma or LEAN processes, they ultimately rely on having the appropriate data and analysing them in ways that give you reliable results.

Statistical Analysis in Manufacturing:

  • Advanced analytics to move beyond ISO quality control charts.
  • Modelling and predicting the effects of planned process changes.
  • Optimising production lines to increase capacity.
  • Using data analysis to predict servicing requirements and avoid breakdowns.
  • Advice on the design of testing programmes for product acceptance.
  • Analysing Big Data to understand and streamline the production process.