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We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve a greater level of understanding from your data. These help you make better decisions and more reliable plans. You can see summaries of our main services below.

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Statistical Analysis is the bridge between the data you have and the insight you need. The scope ranges from simple summaries and exploratory analyses to complex modelling and hypothesis testing. Our analysis service lets your data speak - delivering the information you need to make intelligent decisions.

Summary Statistics

Summary statistics provide a snapshot of a system without attempting to explain what’s going on behind the scenes or to predict how things might change.

Presented as tables or simple plots, these give you an overview of the information contained within your data. Summary statistics are ideal when you simply need to record and report on the data you collected, whether it’s a laboratory experiment or a nationwide survey.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Often a precursor to more detailed statistical analysis and modelling, but still a very valuable exercise. The EDA begins to explore the relationships between the variables within your data set, to identify patterns and trends that help you understand what’s going on.

Assumptions will be tested to understand what sorts of processes might be involved in generating your data. Sophisticated visualisation techniques are used to display complex relationships in an easily-digestible manner to help you communicate the results and understand in simple terms what’s going on.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analyses range from hypothesis tests to predictive models. They are used to answer specific questions, either about what’s happening now or what might happen in the future. They provide a detailed insight into your data to create clear conclusions and motivate intelligent decisions.

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