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We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve a greater level of understanding from your data. These help you make better decisions and more reliable plans. You can see summaries of our main services below.

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Are you confident in how you present your statistical results and conclusions? Do you need to understand the results that others have produced? Do you need independent verification of your codes or procedures?

Our comprehensive document review service gives clients the confidence they need to write clearly and authoritatively about statistical results and concepts. Whether you’re writing a paper, planning a study or applying for a grant, we can review your work and provide positive and constructive feedback. You can then be certain that everything you say is as clear and as accurate as it needs to be.

We also undertake literature reviews - collating published results or discussions to provide you with the evidence or conclusions you need to plan and to justify your decisions.

We can also review your codes to ensure that the software you produce is providing you with the answers you expect, as accurately as possible.

Independent reviews of your procedures and protocols will ensure that you are using the best, and most suitable methods available.

Examples of review work we undertake include:

  • Independent review of statistical procedures and protocols.
  • Literature reviews to inform policies and decisions.
  • Document reviews to ensure accuracy.
  • Third party review of code to optimise run-time and ensure precision.

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