News organisations often need to interpret published data to accurately report on a particular issue especially with the growing thirst for data journalism. Additionally, quantifying audience sizes for print, TV and radio, and predicting how a range of factors could influence them is often a complex process.  In both cases, sound statistical analysis will lead to reliable conclusions and well supported and communicated stories.

We are independent experts in data analysis, modelling and prediction using proven and internationally recognised methods. We deliver fast fact-checking services, help media organisations to interpret data, provide expert opinion for media interviews, and provide pretty well any expert statistical support you might need with reporting, market research and audience modelling.

Data Journalism

With the proliferation of online outlets, data are often the best means of telling the story or may even be the story itself. Infographics can tell compelling stories about the environment, world health and poverty, economic performance and a range of other issues – these are all driven by the data.

The truth can often be buried in interconnected data – careful extraction, cross referencing and analysis are needed to reveal what’s really happening. Data also helps us makes sense of complex scenarios; to present how the budget affects ‘the average person’, you have to clearly and accurately define what that means. But sometimes it’s the outliers and the effect on them that is the real story.

Statistical analytics in media businesses

  • Advice on the valid interpretation of data for accurate reporting.
  • Advice and expert opinion for media stories.
  • Interpretation of government statistics and academic research.
  • Calculation and prediction of audience sizes to promote advertising sales.