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We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve a greater level of understanding from your data. These help you make better decisions and more reliable plans. You can see summaries of our main services below.

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Surveys & Sampling

There’s so much more to surveys than just asking questions. At least if you want results you can trust and use there is.

The key to the success of your survey lies in its design and analysis: a well-designed survey that is analysed properly will give you clear answers to the questions that drive your business or research.


Surveys are an essential tool for collecting information on opinions, behaviours, preferences and demographics. We help a wide range of organisations to design and conduct surveys including businesses, market researchers, charities, public sector bodies and universities.

In business, customer satisfaction and B2B surveys are used to understand the needs of customers and employees and to help businesses to adapt to changing demands.

In market research, surveys are used to understand the preferences and behaviours of consumers in order to develop effective marketing strategies.

Universities often carry out course evaluations and health professionals collect data through patient questionnaires to better understand the effect of specific treatments.


We provide advice on how your survey is designed and conducted: what questions to ask, how the responses will be collected and what the survey will look like. These are all important elements that will directly impact the quality and rate of your responses and minimise the potential for any biases.

It’s unlikely that you can survey the entire population of interest (for example, all the students in a university or all of your online customers), so most surveys select a random sample of people to question. We can calculate how many samples you will need to collect.

How you collect your samples is a vital decision. A well designed survey will reduce the possibility of biases in your results. Sometimes you can use simple techniques, but often a more complex sampling approach is required. We have design experts to help ensure that your sampling approach suits your needs and produces accurate results.

Analysing the Results

Finally, you need to use the right statistical tools to ensure that you make best use of your survey data. Using our Analytics expertise, we will make sure your conclusions accurately reflect the views expressed. We can also use qualitative analysis techniques to analyse free text responses.


By carefully considering the design and analysis of your survey, we help you save money, time and effort, produce reliable and useful results, and understand what the results really mean for you.

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