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We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve a greater level of understanding from your data. These help you make better decisions and more reliable plans. You can see summaries of our main services below.

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How successful are you at predicting and quantifying the risks your business faces? Whilst the future will always be uncertain, understanding what might happen and how likely different outcomes might be is the key to effective planning and risk management.

We help our clients deal with uncertainty and identify the key drivers likely to shape the future. We help address the key questions: How likely are different events? And how can we influence what might happen?

Whether you’re predicting next week’s weather, the next big infectious disease outbreak, ordering stock, or setting insurance premiums - we can help you plan for the worst and act now to reduce risk and maximise returns.

If you don’t fully understand how to apply the right statistical techniques, important risks and variables will get overlooked.  Proven statistical approaches take the guesswork out of prediction and forecasting. You can then be sure that your plans are built on realistic assumptions and a detailed understanding of the factors that will affect the outcome. You might not see exactly what will happen in future, but you’ll have a more precise appreciation of how it’s likely to look.

Our experience and technical expertise will identify which prediction techniques are most appropriate for your specific problem, given the data available and the complexity of the process or system. We can also help you establish the data collection, analysis and reporting you need to ensure you stay on course.

We help our clients by:

  • Quantifying the range of probable outcomes so that you can make robust and reliable plans.
  • Creating a clearer picture of future demand for improved resource and stock planning.
  • Predicting the likelihood and impact of rare events that could affect your business for improved risk management.
  • Identifying the factors affecting critical aspects of your business or organisation that you need to understand and influence.

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