New technology means that the quantity of data that law firms have at their disposal is growing rapidly. The challenge lies with understanding how to best use all of the data available to help improve and grow your business, whether it’s in terms of legal practice or general business intelligence.

Modelling Case Outcomes

We can predict the outcome of a new case before it begins and update those predictions as the case progresses. Building models based upon previous cases using expert statistical techniques, we are able to predict the most likely outcome for a new case. As well as the verdict, we can also model other relevant outcomes including the likely costs, sentences or awards of a case.

Once the models are built, they can help you understand the key factors affecting case outcomes, providing insight that can help you win your case. They can show you the best way to allocate time and to structure each case, or even help decide whether a case is worth taking on in the first place.

Quantifying Your Advice

Using previous case information and statistical models, we can gain insight into new and current cases to help you advise clients and to structure your arguments and briefs. By mining previous data, we can show you what has worked before, and give you quantifiable evidence that you can pass onto your clients or use to inform your own decisions.

Similarly, we can help with compiling information that you can use to inform contract negotiations, for example by calculating probabilities relating to different terms being accepted or setting liability limits. These can be used to provide quantitative evidence in support of the advice you give your clients.

Growing Your Business

Growing your business means winning new clients and keeping the ones you have coming back for more. Here’s how we can help you find more of the best clients and ensure that you continue to win their business.

Extending Your Client-Base

How do you discover the best potential clients to target and why? We can analyse current client data to give you insight on the types of clients who are best to work with or who generate the most profit for the firm. This intelligence enables firms to make choices which could maximise their profit, streamline their marketing and work with the most desirable clients.

Client Retention

While survival modelling was developed predominantly for use in medical statistics, the idea of modelling the time-to-event has many other applications, including analysing how long a client will stay at a given firm. Building models such as these allow us not only to predict the length of time before a client is likely to leave, but also highlight the factors involved which may impact whether a client leaves or stays.

Streamlining Your Business

A legal firm is a business just like any other service-based company and can benefit from the business intelligence that all big businesses are adopting to develop and grow their organisations. We can create bespoke reporting on business metrics and KPI’s to help you understand how your business works and where it doesn’t.

Reports can be generated automatically so that you have all the information you need to see at a glance how the business is performing and all presented in the way that’s easy to understand and to pass along to other decision makers.

Many businesses, large and small, have benefited from our business intelligence services

Forensics and Probabilistic Reasoning

Cases involving forensic evidence often need interpretation and reasoning based upon data collected at the scene or afterwards. Evidence may not be completely ‘cut and dried’ and you may need us to analyse historical data or combine previous research results in order to assess the probability of causal links presented by the defence or prosecution.

The correct analysis and interpretation of the resulting probabilities is key to avoid common pitfalls such as the prosecutor’s fallacy. Probabilistic reasoning is also used in medical diagnoses and can, therefore be highly relevant in cases involving negligence.

Expert Testimony

We can provide expert witness testimony, both in the form of pre-trial reports and at trial. Our statistical analysts are accustomed to presenting evidence clearly and confidently.

Our clients include solicitors, barristers, in-house legal teams, defendants and claimants.

In addition to expert testimony we assist with the interpretation of reports and testimony submitted by others. We also conduct research to uncover new information that would have a bearing on the verdict or pre-trial settlement negotiations.

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