The presentation and interpretation of statistical evidence and probabilistic reasoning is increasingly often a critical component in legal cases. Having a Royal Statistical Society Chartered statistician on your team adds weight to your case and ensures that any statistical evidence is interpreted appropriately. Our team of statistical experts will also provide an honest appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of your case to help with effective presentation and defence in court.

Expert Testimony

We have a successful track record of providing expert witness testimony, both in the form of pre-trial reports and during trials. Our statistical analysts are accustomed to presenting evidence clearly and confidently.

Our clients include solicitors, barristers, in-house legal teams, defendants and claimants.

In addition to expert testimony we assist with the interpretation of reports and testimony submitted by others. We also conduct research to uncover new information that would have a bearing on the verdict or pre-trial settlement negotiations.

Forensics and Probabilistic Reasoning

Cases involving forensic evidence often need interpretation and reasoning based upon data collected at the scene or afterwards. Evidence may not be completely ‘cut and dried’ and you may need us to analyse historical data or combine previous research results in order to assess the probability of causal links presented by the defence or prosecution.

The correct analysis and interpretation of the resulting probabilities is key to avoid common pitfalls such as the prosecutor’s fallacy. Probabilistic reasoning is also used in medical diagnoses and can, therefore be highly relevant in cases involving negligence.

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