Meet Our Consultants

Who we Are and What we Do

To some we are statistical analysts, to others we are data scientists or statistical consultants. Whatever terminology you prefer, what characterises and drives us is identifying and using the best statistical tools to achieve greater understanding, improve decision making and solve practical problems for our clients.

Our aim is always to deliver high quality products and services for our clients and we are especially happy to help clients develop internal expertise so that they can understand and use statistical techniques themselves.

We have a core team of statistical consultants who are all chartered statisticians. They blend exceptional academic credentials with a wealth of commercial experience applying statistical analyses to real world issues and challenges across our entire portfolio and to all sectors.

Our in-house Consultants

The Select Network

Occasionally project delivery is enhanced by drawing on the specific knowledge or experience of freelance consultants from leading universities and research organisations. The freelance consultants we use are leaders in their field and each specialises in a particular area. However large, specific or unusual your statistical challenge might be, we have the skills and experience you need.

All project work is co-ordinated and managed by Select to ensure consistently high standards of communication and customer service.

Freelance Consultant Profiles

Here are the profiles of a few of the members of the Select Network: