As a charity you need to know two things above all others: are you attracting the maximum possible revenue through donations; and are you doing the most effective job of achieving your charitable purpose?

How do we help?

Potential donors want to understand how the money you collect is making a difference. Clearly reported, independent studies are highly persuasive when it comes to showing how funds are allocated and how they’ve helped. Research projects can also be a great way to raise awareness of the work you do, influence government policy and sway public opinion. Many charities and non-profit organisations have benefited from adopting a structured approach to data collection and analysis. Detailed analytics provides the intelligence you need to direct policy and resources more effectively.

We don’t just collect and analyse data, we help you present it in ways your audience can easily understand. Presenting reliable, independently researched performance data is invaluable for securing grant funding from sources such as central government, local authorities and other funding bodies. We never take on a project unless we are certain that it will deliver a meaningful benefit. If it’s not worth your while conducting the research, we’ll tell you.

Statistical analysis in the charity sector:

  • Donor insight, behaviour and segmentation – who donates, how much, how often and what motivates them?
  • Understanding the subconscious triggers that cause people to donate time or money.
  • Policy development and evaluation.
  • Developing more detailed intelligence about the needs of your beneficiaries.
  • Surveys to understand public opinion and identify perceptions that need to be changed.
  • Resource allocation – making the best use of funds, facilities and volunteers.
  • Performance monitoring – how effectively are you helping your target group and which interventions and actions are most effective?

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