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We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve a greater level of understanding from your data. These help you make better decisions and more reliable plans. You can see summaries of our main services below.

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Experiments and trials can sometimes be undermined before they’ve started, simply because there wasn’t enough thought put into data collection. Good design ensures that the data you collect will meet the objectives of your experiment and that your results will be unbiased.

What data need to be collected? How should they be collected to avoid bias and to make the subsequent analysis easy? These are important questions that have to be answered early in the planning stage. Our statistical analysts will ensure that  your experiment will produce the required results and that your time and money is well spent.

We help a wide range of professionals to design experiments, including engineers, researchers, manufacturers and healthcare practitioners. Usually their primary interest is to understand the effect of a process such as a new medical treatment or manufacturing technique. Design is equally important for professionals interested in running a survey; you can find more details on this in our Surveys and Sampling section.

Our design experts work with you to ensure that you cover all of the bases when considering the statistical aspects of your project.  For example, we can calculate how many samples you must collect to provide reliable information and also how to structure your study to avoid biases.

Design ensures that all variables that might impact the result are accounted for. In a medical context, this could be the age, gender or lifestyle of the patients in the study. Using established design techniques such as randomisation, replication and blocking, we’ll help you design your experiment to ensure that any potential errors are reduced so that you will understand the effect you are studying with greater precision.

Simplicity is often the key to a well-designed experiment. We help you obtain the information you need while ensuring your experiment is cost-effective and reproducible.

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