Statistical Sampling




Statistical sampling is an incredibly powerful business tool that you can use to better understand your business and your customers, canvas opinion, or to monitor quality or compliance.

At Select Statistics we can help you design and use statistical sampling to save you money, time and effort, whilst providing valid, reliable, and useful results.

Our statistical methods can be used to ensure that you get sufficiently accurate results whilst keeping the sample size as small as possible whether you are conducting a customer satisfaction survey, canvassing public opinion, or testing for quality or compliance.

People are often surprised by how few samples are needed to get accurate results. In many cases, even if you are interested in a population of millions, you still may only need to sample a few thousand individuals if the sampling scheme is well-designed.

A well-designed sample will also identify and eliminate any biasing factors to make sure that you get accurate and reliable results.

For example, if you were to conduct a telephone survey during the day, you’d be likely to miss those people who work during office hours and this could bias your results. But not all potential biases are quite so obvious.

At Select Statistics, we have the expertise to help you with your sampling, from initial design through to final analysis. Contact us to see how we can help you.