Understanding Attitudes Towards Recycling in Conwy County

Select recently had the opportunity to work with Conwy County Borough Council on the analysis of their Recycle More survey.

The Challenge

The unitary Local Authority issued the recycling survey across the county to ask households about their attitudes towards recycling, their perception of how much they recycle and their opinions on proposed changes to general refuse collections. The council wanted to better understand attitudes towards recycling in the county and to understand the potential impact of possible changes to bin collection frequency.

The Approach

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We provided summaries and visualisations of the survey responses. These results were also broken down by demographic type using Acorn consumer classification data from CACI. Acorn is a segmentation tool which categorises the UK’s population into geodemographic groups, at the household, postcode and neighbourhood levels. We used the six headline categories (“Affluent Achievers”, “Rising Prosperity”, “Comfortable Communities”, “Financially Stretched”, “Urban Adversity” and “Not Private Household), to explore how the survey results varied by socioeconomic group.

The Value

Our analysis representing residents’ views will play a part in the democratic decision making process as the council consider making changes to bin collection frequency in the county.

We were really pleased with the report and professionalism from Select. Excellent service, advice and delivered on time.Mark Cassidy – Assistant Waste Manager, Conwy County Borough Council