Clustering Types of Advice for Citizens Advice Scotland

Citizens Advice Scotland provide advice to clients from all walks of life covering a wide range of information and needs. We conducted analysis to help Citizens Advice Scotland better understand the inter-connectedness of the advice needs of their clients, which enabled them to identify more quickly additional needs that their clients may have when they initially seek help.

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Habitat Modelling for Protected Species

States are required to monitor and protect plants and animals listed as European Protected Species. However, species data are often ad hoc and vary considerably in their quality and coverage. In these cases, species distribution models can be applied to obtain useful estimates from the limited data available.

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Understanding Attitudes Towards Recycling in Conwy County

Select recently had the opportunity to work with Conwy County Borough Council on the analysis of their Recycle More Survey. The council wanted to better understand attitudes towards recycling in the county and to understand the potential impact of possible changes to bin collection frequency.

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Predicting Energy Efficient Households

The Energy Saving Trust has developed a data set on Scottish housing stock that provides information on property characteristics and the potential for energy efficiency measures. To deliver a complete record of all properties, Select developed a statistical model to predict property characteristics where no data are available.

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