Case Studies


Action Plan on Problem Debt

StepChange are the UK’s leading debt charity. As part of their Action Plan on Problem Debt, Select were asked to investigate the potential statistical link between cash savings and problem debt.

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Predicting Energy Efficient Households

The Energy Saving Trust has developed a data set on Scottish housing stock that provides information on property characteristics and the potential for energy efficiency measures. To deliver a complete record of all properties, Select developed a statistical model to predict property characteristics where no data are available.

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Testing the Effectiveness of Treatments

Unex market the Pet Remedy product which is designed to provide relaxing and calming relief for pet stress. To support their product, Select helped to conduct a study to test the effectiveness of their treatment for dogs with behavioural issues.

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Assessing the Accuracy of Tumour Measurements

Currently the effectiveness of anticancer therapies is primarily evaluated using the length of tumour. A study was performed to identify whether tumour volume measurements were a more accurate alternative in assessing therapy response with the overall aim of informing imaging protocols for use in clinical drug trials and clinical care.

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