Working with the Trading Standards Institute

TSI CCAS LogoSelect have just agreed to work together with the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) to revise the performance monitoring and compliance components of their Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS), an important tool in raising consumer service standards and reducing customer detriment.

From April 2013 the responsibility of the CCAS will transfer to the TSI from the Office for Fair Trading and over the next few months Select will be working closely with both the TSI and current code sponsors to help them develop new guidelines for monitoring the performance of the code by its members. The objective of this work is to introduce statistical techniques for performance and compliance monitoring that will ensure that both consumer detriment and the monitoring burden are minimised.

“We’re really pleased to be part of the team working towards the new CCAS guidelines”, says Select Chief Executive, Steve Brooks. “Not only is it an interesting statistical challenge, but an exciting opportunity to help create an efficient and effective system to improve trading standards.”

To find out more about the Trading Standards Institute and CCAS, visit the TSI website at