Lynsey Joins MSc Advisory Committee

University of SheffieldLynsey was recently appointed to the Advisory Committee for the Masters in Statistics at the University of Sheffield. The role of the Committee is to advise the School of Maths and Statistics on the design and conduct of its MSc course, with particular reference to the current and developing statistical needs of organisations employing graduate statisticians. Having completed the MSc course herself in 2004, Lynsey was especially pleased to be invited back to the School to participate in the Committee and to provide proposals and suggestions for how the MSc can continue to provide the students with the necessary skills and qualifications they will require in their future career.

Lynsey’s first Committee meeting took place on 11th June and consisted of a series of meetings to review student feedback and dissertation as well as lunch with students giving committee members an opportunity to meet the current students and hear first-hand what they thought of the course.  “Meeting the students was my highlight of the day”, said Lynsey afterwards. “It was really interesting to find out how the course has changed and improved over time and to hear from the students about their experiences of the modules and assessments and what they planned to do next.”  Most of the students on the course already had interesting jobs or PhDs lined up for once they had completed their dissertations at the end of the summer. “This is a great endorsement of the MSc and highlights the value that employers put on their employees having been through the course”, said Lynsey.