The Academy of Medical Sciences Diversity Report

The Academy of Medical Sciences plays a hugely important role in supporting and advancing the UK’s biomedical and health research and its translation into benefits for society. Select were thrilled to partner with Vanessa Johnson-Burgess from Inclusive Recruiting to deliver their most recent diversity report. Blending our analytical skills with Vanessa’s background in diversity, equity and inclusion brought a unique and detailed perspective to this important report.

Using the diversity data that the Academy collected throughout the year on their key areas such as on grants, careers, and policy, Select carried out an analysis and visualisation of the Academy’s diversity. Using our analysis, Vanessa was then able to provide an equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) narrative to bring the diversity evidence and data information to life and highlight key recommendations to aid the Academy in achieving greater diversity and inclusion across all its activities.

Following the report, the Academy’s Diversity Champions added a foreword stating that:

“While the Academy has made efforts to achieve greater diversity and inclusion across all its activities, this report tells us there is much more to do.  It shows that the Academy’s work towards equality is an ongoing journey. Things do not improve overnight, or even from year to year, without deliberate and thoughtful actions. This report crystallises our desire to shift from ’chipping away’ to bolder action for real, sustained change.”