A Randomised Controlled Trial of Cobalamin in Dogs

Select were delighted to hear that work carried out in partnership with our client ADM Protexin, a supplement and probiotic manufacturer in the UK, has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. The randomised controlled trial involved dogs with vitamin B12 deficiency (or hypocobalaminemia) and has been published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice. The dogs in the trial were given treatment to improve their vitamin B12 levels (cobalamin supplementation). Dogs were randomised to either receive supplementation as a daily oral dose or a weekly parenteral dose (via injection) to examine the efficacy and tolerance of dogs to the two types of administration.

The team at Select conducted the statistical analysis for this trial and produced a report, which our client then used to write the journal article.

The outcome measures we analysed were collected at the start of the trial, at week 7 and at week 13. As there were multiple measures per dog, we used mixed effects models to test for differences in the trial outcomes between the oral supplemental group and the parenteral supplemental group. The team found that oral administration is as effective and well-tolerated as an injection and could therefore be considered as a suitable treatment option.

The authors acknowledged our contribution saying, “Our gratitude goes to Sarah Littler and Jo Morrison at Select Statistics, who provided statistical analysis.”

The journal article can be accessed here https://doi.org/10.1111/jsap.13705.