1st Working Together Workshop

Monday saw the first of a series of workshops aimed at supporting members of our freelance Select Network. Participants were drawn from around the UK and Ireland for a day of seminars discussions and training.

“This is the first time we’ve brought our permanent and freelance consultants together like this”, said CEO Steve Brooks who led most of the sessions. “It was a great opportunity to discuss how we can all work together to deliver service and value to our clients. It was also a good opportunity to put the training facilities at Oxygen House to the test and they passed with flying colours!”.

Attendee Julien Cornebise said the workshop “provided a wealth of practical advice for everyday life as a consultant” with Jo Schroeder adding that it was “great space for workshops like this”.

The event marks the start of a long-term programme to further develop the Select Community. “The aim is to harness the skills and expertise of this very talented group of individuals and to help them engage with our clients to bring added value to our projects. The next few weeks will see some very exciting extensions to our web site as we begin to pull together a sub-site for community members as well as highlighting some of the skills and experience of our freelance team through the addition of new profiles and case studies” says Steve. “We’ll also see the introduction of our online book store which we hope to have up-and-running by the end of June”.