Statistical Services Manager

JOB TITLE: Statistical Services Manager
PAYSCALE: £40,000 – £50,000 p.a.
LOCATION: Exeter Business Park
RESPONSIBLE TO: Chief Executive

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Job Description

This is a very exciting and demanding opportunity for an exceptional and ambitious individual to lead our statistical services team. The statistical services manager will play a pivotal role in the future development and success of the company and is a strategic appointment intended to help accelerate the growth of our already highly-successful organisation. This new position represents a significant investment in our statistical consultancy and management team, reflecting the confidence we have in our ability to deliver a unique, and what’s increasingly recognised as a critical, service to our clients.

The post will be responsible for supporting and growing both the in-house consulting team and our expanding network of freelance consultants. Together, the consultancy team is responsible for delivering a whole range of statistical services to a wide range of public, private and third sector organisations. Recent projects include real-time filtering of financial time series, national survey design and analysis, predictive modelling of UK property characteristics from messy and incomplete data, modelling customer behaviour and predicting future retail sales, testing the effectiveness of veterinary treatments and surgical procedures, and modelling the habitats and population dynamics of the UK’s great crested newt population. No two projects are the same and the successful applicant will need to be able to quickly understand the statistical challenge that each project poses and to match that against the skills within the consultancy team to ensure that we provide the best solution for our client.

The post-holder will also work directly with clients, spending about half of their time undertaking statistical consultancy work in order to develop, broaden and maintain their statistical knowledge and practical expertise. The ideal applicant will be as excited about “doing” statistics as they are about managing and supporting other statisticians.

The role would suit a highly experienced, creative and ambitious statistician with strong leadership and management skills. We are looking for someone who will be willing and able to get involved in all aspects of the business to ensure that we are able to grow the business without compromising on service quality or job satisfaction amongst the consultancy team.

This is a very unique and exciting role within a very dynamic and ambitious organisation. The post-holder will play a critical role in shaping the company as it grows and in driving that growth by developing and supporting a first class consultancy team that both enjoys and is capable of providing outstanding statistical services for our clients.

About Us

Select Statistics is a full service statistical consultancy offering a variety of statistics and data-related services to a wide range of private, public and third sector organisations. We deliver professional statistical services across a variety of sectors including, but not limited to, ecommerce, market research, education, ecology, environment, healthcare, government, and finance. We aim to make best use of our clients’ data in addressing the questions they need answering and have a core commitment to cooperation, preferring to work together with our clients to share skills, develop knowledge and promote growth.

The post will be based at our state-of-the art office complex on the outskirts of Exeter within easy access to the lively city centre and just minutes from the National parks and surfing beaches that Devon is famous for.  We share a lively and very sociable working environment with a small group of like-minded companies that share our strong passion for data analysis and commitment to high professional, ethical and environmental standards. Thus, our team enjoy the excitement and flexibility of working for a small and dynamic company whilst feeling part of a much bigger organisation with all the social and practical benefits that come with it.


The statistical services manager’s responsibilities can be split into two distinct components: management of the statistical services team, and the delivery of statistical consultancy services directly to clients.

Team Management

As the statistical services manager, the post-holder will be expected to undertake the following duties:

  • Manage consulting team workloads
  • Support consulting team members
  • Review consulting team performance and develop (in consultation with team members and HR) appropriate professional development plans
  • Review consulting team outputs (reports, proposals etc.)
  • Manage Select network and assign work as appropriate
  • Monitor team competencies and identify opportunities to develop new products or services
  • Manage all service contracts and pricing policies
  • Development and implementation of the business plan together with the Executive

Statistical Consulting

The post-holder is also expected to undertake the following additional duties required of all members of the statistical consulting team:

  • Liaison with clients
  • Project scoping and proposal writing
  • Report writing and client presentations
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation
  • Provision of statistical advice both face-to-face and remotely
  • Development of appropriate software and codes
  • Development of training materials
  • Development of new products and services
  • Developing new and maintaining existing client relationships

Person Specification

Essential Desirable
Education and Experience
  • PhD in Statistics or MSc plus at least five year’s relevant experience and training
  • C.Stat status
  • Minimum 3 years leading a statistical consulting or research group
  • Considerable previous experience and expertise in using R
  • Previous teaching, training or public speaking experience
  • Previous experience of statistical packages such as SPSS, Stata or SAS
  • Previous experience with MySQL or MS Access
  • Previous experience in a commercial environment
Skills and Attributes
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Broad knowledge of statistical methods and their applications
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style
  • Excellent leadership and management skills
  • Ability to manage competing priorities effectively
  • Highly strategic and creative thinker
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Self-motivated and ambitious
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines and to react calmly to unplanned/unexpected situations
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Good business acumen
Values and Attitudes
  • A commitment to the Company’s ethos, values, aims and objectives
  • Positive attitude to personal and organisational development
  • Enthusiasm and a positive outlook
  • Understanding of importance of and commitment to confidentiality
  • Willingness to work flexibly in response to changing organisational requirements
  • Commitment to high professional  and ethical standards
Other Relevant Factors
  • Reliable, trustworthy and committed to the post held
  • Flexible approach to work
  • Willingness to travel, as required

Professional Development

We are strongly committed to the personal and professional development of our team and will encourage and support team members to develop and maintain an appropriate development programme.  All team members are expected to undertake appropriate professional development and to seek or maintain Chartered Statistician status. All team members are also expected to maintain an awareness of statistical issues and debates both within the statistical and wider community.


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A pdf version of this job description is available to download here.