Sally is a Statistical Consultant responsible for delivering statistical analysis, research and training support for our clients. She joined Select in 2018 after completing her M.Sc. in Statistics at Lancaster University. She previously studied Physics at the University of Bristol gaining excellent analytical and problem solving skills. During her Master’s degree, Sally studied a broad range of theoretical and specialised areas of statistics, completing several projects which gave her experience in the wider applications of the various techniques, while allowing her to develop real-world statistical skills. Her dissertation focused on bringing complex statistical methods to health economic analyses for cost-effectiveness evaluations. Using data from an NHS clinical trial, she explored a new approach for estimating quality-adjusted life years (a metric bringing together information on both a person’s life expectancy, and their quality of life during that time), which would improve on the accuracy of the current industry standard techniques.

Years of Experience

1 year of post-graduate training.

Key Experience

  • Building and using joint longitudinal-survival models for datasets containing both time-to-event data and repeated measures over time.
  • Strong statistical background studying and applying likelihood-based and Bayesian inference, generalised linear modelling and Monte Carlo Markov chain methods, alongside practical skills including report writing, visualisation and interpreting results within the context of the data.
  • Application of techniques including mixed effects modelling, survival analysis, statistical genomics, sample size calculations and study design.
  • Experience with statistical programming in R and SAS, and other programming experience in the languages C, MATLAB and Python.

Qualifications and Professional Body Membership

  • Graduate Statistician, Royal Statistical Society
  • MSc. in Statistics with Distinction, Lancaster University
  • BSc. in Physics, University of Bristol