Louise is a Statistical Consultant at Select Statistics and is a key member of our statistical analytics team. Louise joined Select in 2018 following the completion of her Master’s degree in Medical Statistics at the University of Leicester. Before choosing to study Statistics, Louise completed a B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford; this means that it was from the perspective of an economist and a political scientist that Louise discovered both her love and the practical value of advanced statistical methods and training. During her undergraduate and post-graduate study, Louise was trained to understand and use a broad range of general statistical methods as well as learning how to apply her new-found data analysis skills in a wide variety of practical applications.

Louise’s Master’s dissertation assessed the value of using algorithms from artificial intelligence (AI) research and, in particular, Machine Learning techniqes to predict disease risk. Although machine learning is used in many sectors including advertising, insurance, transport, and fraud detection, it is less commonly used in medical research. Louise examined whether Machine Learning techniques were able to more accurately predict the risk of a patient developing Type 2 Diabetes compared to the standard statistical approach (logistic regression), as well as assessing the viability of using these less conventional methods in medical practice.

Years of Experience

1 year of post-graduate training.

Key Experience

  • Delivery of detailed statistical reports containing statistical analysis, visualisation and interpretation aimed at non-specialists.
  • Application of key statistical techniques including study design, hypothesis testing, missing data imputation, statistical modelling, and meta-analysis.
  • Application of Machine Learning techniques: random forest, support vector machines, gradient boosting, and principal components analysis.
  • Proficient in using R and Stata for statistical programming.
  • Experience and training in Econometrics and Health Economics.

Qualifications and Professional Body Membership

  • Graduate Statistician, Royal Statistical Society
  • M.Sc. in Medical Statistics, University of Leicester
  • Graduate Certificate in Statistics, Birkbeck University
  • B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Oxford