The Select Team is Growing!

In October the Select team welcomed both Sally Hunton and Louise Cherrill as our two newest recruits. Sally and Louise are fresh out of finishing their Master’s in Statistics at the University of Lancaster and Leicester and are joining the team as Statistical Consultants.

Both have spent the summer working on their dissertations. Sally looked at data from an NHS clinical trial to explore a new approach for estimating quality-adjusted life years (a metric bringing together information on both a person’s life expectancy and their quality of life during that time), which would improve on the accuracy of the current industry standard techniques. Louise focused on machine learning techniques, investigating whether they could more accurately predict the risk of a patient developing Type 2 Diabetes compared to the standard statistical approach as well as examining the viability of using this approach in medical practice.

“We’re delighted to welcome both Sally and Louise to Select.” says Managing Director, Lynsey McColl, “Having both just finished their Master’s, they are clearly enthusiastic and excited about using their statistical know-how and coding expertise on Real-World client problems. I’m sure they’ll be a great asset to our consulting team.”