Select’s Star-tistical Christmas Social

While all the computers were sleeping, the Select team stole out of Oxygen House and headed to North Exeter. It was time to get into the festive spirit, with an afternoon of seasonal crafting planned.

Nestled in a cosy restaurant in a picturesque village, we were treated to an expert workshop to create fairy-light-studded, willow star decorations. You could almost hear the cogs whirring as Select’s brains switched gear from the statistical to the star-tistical. The cake-fuelled tranquillity was occasionally pierced by flailing willow branches – but thankfully all survived unharmed.

We all had a fantastically relaxed afternoon, aided in no small part by generous hosting and delicious food. The delightful results hang proudly in the homes of Select, and are a lovely reminder of an afternoon very merrily spent.

We would like to heartily thank Victoria Westaway for showing us her considerable skills and kindly complementing our sub-professional attempts; and Vitamin Sea Restaurant for their tasty food and charming hosting. We enthusiastically recommend both to anyone in the Exeter area.