Louise is Awarded Graduate Statistician Status

We are delighted that Louise has been granted the Graduate Statistician award by the Royal Statistical Society. The award is for early career statisticians and signifies a high-quality and well-rounded statistical education. To achieve the Graduate Statistician award an individual must undertake an undergraduate or postgraduate degree with substantial statistical content, as assessed by the Society. Louise has a Graduate Certificate in Statistics from Birkbeck University and an MSc in Medical Statistics from University of Leicester making her a deserving recipient of the award.

As well as a valuable and hard-earned professional award in its own right, becoming a Graduate Statistician is an important stepping-stone towards achieving Chartered Statistician status. Louise will now start working towards becoming a Chartered Statistician by gaining more experience as a professional statistician at Select, abiding by the Society’s Code of Conduct, and undertaking plenty of Continuing Professional Development. A minimum of 5 years’ professional experience is required before a statistician becomes eligible for the Chartered Statistician award, making it a significant step from early career practitioner to fully-fledged professional statistician.