Jo Joins Women in Statistics and Data Science SIG

On International Women’s Day 2019, the Royal Statistical Society announced the formation of its Women in Statistics and Data Science Special Interest Group (SIG).

The SIG aims to raise the profile of women working in statistics and data science, to advocate for opportunities for and to support women working in these fields and to share experiences.

One of our senior consultants, Jo, was pleased to be accepted as a volunteer on the committee.

Speaking of her involvement, Jo said, “My secondary school encouraged me and others, particularly young women, to pursue science and technology, and my mother encouraged me more generally not to restrict choices and thinking based on stereotypes. Not all young women have those influences and it would be good to provide positive role models and to contribute to showcasing careers that involve statistics, to encourage those interested in STEM subjects”, adding that, “while from my experience, the field of statistics has more gender balance than in some other STEM areas (there were proportionally more women in my statistics Masters class than in my school technical drawing class) I am keen to see women represented at all levels of the profession.”