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Do you work with post-graduate students?

It is not uncommon for postgraduate students to require additional statistical support during their studies particularly when statistics is not their main area of expertise.  We are very happy to work with postgraduate students to ensure that the most appropriate statistical analysis is applied to the data that they have collected.  Often this support can…

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Why do you need my supervisor’s permission?

Before working with a student it is our policy to have written permission from their supervisor agreeing that they are happy for us to be involved.  As fellows of the Royal Statistical Society we abide by their Code of Conduct.  By gaining the permission of a supervisor we can be assured that any work you…

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What sort of budget will I need?

The cost associated with carrying out work varies depending upon the data provided and the size and complexity of the project. Once we have a better understanding of your data and requirements we will be able to give you an indication of the costs involved. Typically it will cost less for us to provide you…

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