Finance & Insurance

Business Analytics

Finance and insurance are highly data-driven industries where businesses seek to make confident decisions and mitigate risk. There are many aspects of these sectors where we provide support. With so much potentially useful data available, how do you decide what you need to extract and what statistical models and analyses will deliver useful results? Our analytics team are experts in using proven statistical methods to help you turn your data into insights that will improve and grow your business.

Data analysis in finance and insurance

  • Using statistics to simplify premium calculations and the insurance sales process.
  • Modelling the impact of natural disasters, climate and a variety of other external factors on likely claim frequencies and sizes to quantify risk and limit exposure for insurers.
  • Risk management and forecasting.
  • Using ONS and census data to identify prospects.
  • Competitive pricing of insurance and finance products through accurate modelling of sales volumes and risk.
  • Predicting debt defaults to help with setting competitive interest rates while managing risk exposure.
  • Predicting real-time stock market movements, commodity prices and exchange rates to help investors identify inefficiencies and opportunities.
  • Updating financial functions from simple reporting to generating strategic and predictive insights to help identify opportunities and maximise returns.